Weeknotes: Searching and wandering

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An update.

First off, it’s been already 6 months since I started at my new job. I haven’t met any of my team mates (except a couple) in person yet 🤷🏻

What. A. Year. 2020 has been, am I right? Let’s just say we’re all adjusting and coping with this situation. Maybe we’ll all be vaccinated this year and it’ll go back to normal?? I don’t wanna write about it now. It’s just a bit too much. Maybe we’ll be reminiscing about it in 2030 over coffee.

This is still a new site, but I thought I should add a search function to it. Lunrjs looks like a perfect thing for a site this small. There’s no server needed. I wanted to test it first, so I created lunrjs-testpage1. It’s a WIP, but when it’s done, I should be able to just move the client side code here.

The other day I was thinking about how there are different kinds of search engines. As the number of documents increase the value of relevancy increases. Big web search engines do a lot of work and try to figure out what’s more relevant.

Search engine tiers

Noteworthy #

Last month OpenAQ announced the public availability of the new LCS Pilot. What does it mean? There’s a new API v2 that’s serving air quality data from low cost sensors. This multiplies the number of AQ stations on the platform. Read more from the OpenAQ blog.

I love the idea of 1loc.dev and I wanna clone it for myself. Until then, I created a new TIL repo à la jbranchaud.

I’ve been using Jupyter Lab for work and personal use for some time now. And I really wanted a black formatter that formats my Python cells. Just a button in the toolbar and that’s it. As I was starting to look into how to make Jupyter extensions, I found JupyterLab Code Formatter. This was exactly what I wanted.

Wander #

Sometimes you don’t need to force yourself to work. Let yourself play and wander. Write about stupid stuff. Type whatever comes into your mind. Create something that might not end up being useful. You don’t always have to work on something useful.

Get the ball rolling. Playing relaxes you and gets you ready to do the real work. It can lead you to actual work. Also: I should doodle more.

After writing this, I realize this is similar to diffuse mode.

New tech stuff I learned about #

Reading/watching highlights #

Event of this week: #SuezBLOCKED

Ship blocking Suez canal

  1. I find Glitch fun and casual. You can sync your work to Github too. In the project workspace, go to Tools > Import and Export. ↩︎